B.A., M.A., LL.B.

Growing up, Rebecca was regularly told she would make a good lawyer.  Not because she liked to argue, but because she spoke up for her ideas and what she believed in, and spoke up for others - in class, on the playground or on the school bus, and in the community. 


Law is her calling, and Rebecca has been a passionate advocate and representative for her clients since her call to the Ontario Bar in 2007.

Before opening Dervaitis Loch Law, Rebecca enjoyed working with and learning from many talented and experienced lawyers at both full service and boutique law firms. Most recently, she was a partner at a downtown insurance defence litigation firm until December 2018.  She opened Dervaitis Loch Law in 2019 so that she could offer even more to her clients. 


With the start of her own practice, a former client requested that Rebecca offer mediation services, given her experience with the process, ability to communicate effectively and see both sides, and her demonstrated reasonableness as a litigator. 

"Mediation has always been my favourite part of the litigation process:  A chance to spend time with and advocate on behalf of my client;  to directly  speak to and hear from the other parties; to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the case in a face to face setting; and to hear how the other side might overcome what I perceived to be their case's weaknesses.

Working with my client, the other  parties, and the mediator to achieve settlement was always something I enjoyed doing, even in the most challenging circumstances. 


When it was suggested that I start mediating for others, I realized that conducting mediations was something I would very much enjoy doing, and could be very good at." 

Rebecca is pleased to help parties resolve conflict through a cost-efficient mediation process. She is relatable, approachable, understanding, and able to deliver "the straight goods" when necessary. She can also see beyond the day of mediation:  If a case is not "settleable" at the time of mediation, she will help the parties advance their cases such that they will be in a better position to discuss settlement in the near future.

Rebecca currently mediates at roster rates for half days pursuant to the Rules of Civil Procedure and offers reasonable full day rates.